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The Man Who Will Disrupt Casual Dining

The Man Who Will Disrupt Casual Dining

Kimbal Musk leans in. He doesn’t sit across from you at the table; he pulls up a chair beside you. His eye contact is intense, his conversation impassioned. Distraction is not a word in his vocabulary—not when it comes to talking about real food for everyone and scaling menu innovation across his restaurant concepts.

No, distraction doesn’t exist—but disruption does. It’s in Musk’s genes. And now, as the founder of The Kitchen Restaurant Group—owner of restaurants The Kitchen, Next Door, and Hedge Row—he’s set his sights on disrupting the restaurant industry and the way America views food.

“I want to make a real difference in food—and that particular difference is bringing healthy, nutritious, delicious, real food across America,” he says. Step one in his plan? Turning the traditional casual-dining segment on its head through a portfolio of what he calls “urban casual” restaurants.