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Our Burgers Love Mushrooms

Our Burgers Love Mushrooms

When you love mushrooms this much it's not enough to put them on your burger, so we put 'em right in our patty.

Our 50/50 Burger is part of the blended burger movement, blending ground meat with mushrooms, creating a more delicious, nutritious, and sustainable burger. The name 50/50 comes from our own half and half blend of sustainably farmed local beef with finely chopped cremini mushroom. 

Mushroom not only reduces the amount of beef we consume on a regular basis (good for you, good for carbon emissions), but it increases the yum factor by adding mushrooms unique umami flavor and unparalleled juiciness. We kept the add ons simple, and top it off with melted swiss and balsamic onions, but we want you to try it anyway you like. So swap the 50/50 patty into any of our burgers or build your own. It's not reinventing the burger, it's building a better burger, be it for the environment, your health or your taste buds. 


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We're so proud of our burger we put it up for an award. Vote for the 50/50 Burger in the annual James Beard Blended Burger Project, now through July 31, & you could win a trip to New York City*.

*for official contest rules visit jamesbeard.org/blendedburgerproject