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Nine New Indy Restaurants to Get Out and Try

Nine New Indy Restaurants to Get Out and Try

Now that the weather is consistently warm—hopefully—it’s the perfect time of year to be out trying all the new spots that have popped up over the last few months. From Hawaiian-styled seafood-lover’s paradise, to new brews, to a baked-goods spot with a beautiful mission, there are so many new places to eat and fall in love with in Indy. [...]

Next Door Eatery: Much like its sister restaurant Hedge Row, Next Door just recently opened and is laser-focused on locally raised and sourced food and building itself to support our local farmers. The menu at Next Door is similar to Hedge Row, but the prices are slightly more accessible. A major part of Next Door is that it is being utilized to support 31 local Learning Gardens that Musk’s nonprofit organization Big Green has built around the city at many of our public schools. The restaurant is housed in an area that really lacks in restaurants of any kind and is a welcome addition.