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Get to know Springline Seafood

Get to know Springline Seafood

Ordering fish in Colorado can sometimes feel fishy. Where did that salmon filet really come from? Have no fear, because at Next Door we are committed to real food from American farmers. Let’s take a minute to get to know Springline Seafood, our salmon supplier based in beautiful Sitka, Alaska!  

Springline Seafood is a family-run boat run by husband and wife team David & Mary, who personally catch, clean, freeze and process every salmon caught in the cold Pacific ocean. 

Dave and Mary catch fish the old-fashioned way - with individual hooks and lines - catching no more than 150 healthy fish every day. Without netting tactics like most commercial salmon fishing,  Springline sees little-to-no by-catch, meaning a safe fishing practice for all marine life! 

Every fish is then cleaned and frozen to -30 below zero within 1 hour of being harvested from the sea. So every time Next Door serves up a salmon filet, it's like they just came out of the water. And that’s how Next Door serves you the freshest, most sustainable, wild-caught salmon in landlocked Colorado.